Welcome to Finchley Baptist Church



Finchley Baptist Church is a well-established, family-friendly church that welcomes members of all ages. Finchley Baptist Church is made up of over 15 different nationalities and we take pride in our diversity. Our Church is a place where you can expect a warm welcome as you enter through the doors. We are a Baptist Church that is affiliated to the London Baptist Association and we believe that God can meet your every need through his son Jesus Christ.

Our style of worship has a blend of mixing old hymns and new songs as this reflects how God speaks through the narrative of his song writers of the past and the present time. We as a church believe that we are called to worship the true and living God.

Our preaching is bible based and is designed to help us as Christians to live with a positive lifestyle; to know Christ as our personal saviour, and to show that the word of God is relevant to our everyday life.

We at Finchley Baptist Church believe that God’s desire is for us to stay in a relationship with Him, regardless of age, gender or nationality, especially in prayer, therefore our church motto is taken from Isaiah 56:7 “for my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations”.




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