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Monday 16th November 202000:00A week of Giving our best to God in prayer
READ, Malachi 1:2 "i have love you" says the Lord. reflect & pray Thank God for His love towards us, in spite of everything in the world. God loves remain the same.Thank God for loving us.
Tuesday 17th November 202000:00PRAYER POINTS , in Giving our best to God.
Malachi 1:8, READ, REFLECT & PRAY. Pray that our jobs are safe. Pray for any upcoming work related interviews . Pray for harmony in our workplaces.
Wednesday 18th November 202000:00PRAYER POINTS, Giving our best to God.
READ REFLECT, PRAY. Mal 2:13. Pray that God will remember us as a church, when we pray. Pray that we give our best Praise & Sacrifices to God in Church.
Thursday 19th November 202000:00prayer points in Giving our best to God.
READ Mal 3:1 Reflect & Pray. Pray that we do our best as God's messenger. Pray that we witness the results of Giving our best in this area. Pray that are message of Jesus is done to the best of our ability, by words, and how we live our lives
Friday 20th November 202000:00PRAYER POINTS ON GIVING OUR BEST TO GOD.
READ Mal 3:10, Reflect & Pray Pray asking God to Bless us financially. Pray that God gives us gives us the heart to bless Him financially. Pray God blesses His Church financially.
Saturday 21st November 202000:00PRAYER POINTS in GIVING OUR BEST TO GOD.
READ Mal 4:2, Reflect & Pray. pray for your own healing. "rever my name". Pray for your own Spirituality. "leaping ", Pray that God will give you joy. As you Give God Your Best, have confidence that Jesus is interceding for you, Giving Your Best is a something that comes with a reward. BLESSINGS.
Sunday 22nd November 202010:30Sunday service, by youtube with Holy Communion.
Join us for our sunday service today. The 1st & 3rd Sunday we have Holy Communion together, all are welcome BLESSINGS.
Wednesday 25th November 202020:00ZOOM BIBLE STUDY
Join us for our Bible study on zoom. The church building maybe shut, but the people are still open. if you want to join us, but don't have the link email the church and details will be given to you about joining us, all are welcome. BLESSINGS.
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