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March 2018

Thursday 1st March 201811:00Elderly Brunch Club.
Elderly brunch club, the church runs a club for the elderly in the community to come and a have a 3 course meal for £6.50, with games quzies and relaxation with one another, all elderly are welcome.
Sunday 4th March 201810:30CHURCH SERVICE.
A time to fellowship with God and the congregation, all are welcome. the people is the church, so join us this sunday.
matt 11:28 " come unto me all who are weary and burdenedn, and i will give you rest".
Wednesday 7th March 201819:30Church Corporate Prayer Meeting.
1st Wednesday of the month, a time for the church to come together in prayer, thanking God for the coming month, and asking God to take us through the month, as we approach Easter.
Thursday 8th March 201811:00Elderly Brunch Club.
A club for the elderly to enjoy each others company, with quiz games and conversations for £6.60. All elderly are welcome
Sunday 11th March 201810:30CHURCH SERVICE.
Join us this Sunday, and fellowship with us. our church motto is Isaiah 56:7 "my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations".
All are welcome.
10:30Mothering Sunday
Wednesday 14th March 201819:30Midweek Bible study
Av time to openly reflect on God's word with others, all are welcome.
Thursday 15th March 201811:00Elderly Brunch Club.
A time for the elderly to join the church for a time of brunching together for £6.50, all elderly are welcome
Sunday 18th March 201810:30CHURCH SERVICE.
3rd Sunday of the month, we have a time when we share the communion meal together, all are welcome.
Monday 19th March 201808:00Easter prayer points.
Daily Scripture. isaiah 56:1 & 1 Thess 5:21
8.00am PRAY God will help us to maintain Easter, in a changing world.
1.00pm PRAY Holy Spirit, reveals new things over Easter period.
7.00pm PRAY we as a people hold onto God in this period.
Tuesday 20th March 201808:00EASTER PRAYERS.
Luke 19:9 & 1 Thess 5:21, PRAY for God's continued presence, at Easter.
1.00pm PRAY God will break down human stubborn walls.
7.00pm PRAT for the who need Jesus salvation, to take up the offer.
Wednesday 21st March 201808:00Easter prayer points.
Daily scriptures Isaiah 56:3 & Isaiah 55:1.
8.00am PRAY people understand that Easter is for everyone.
1.00pm PRAY eyes will be opened to see Christ.
7.00pm PRAY people except Christ offer of Salvation.
19:30Midweek Bible study
Join us tonight as we discuss the bible topics together.
Thursday 22nd March 201808:00Easter prayer points.
Daily Scriptures Isaiah 56:5 & John 19:26.
8.00am PRAY God will watch over our families.
1.00pm PRAY for our church family.
7.00pm PRAY God will help us add to His kingdom family.
11:00Elderly Brunch Club.
Friday 23rd March 201800:00Easter prayer points
Daily Scriptures. Isaiah 56:6 & Psalms 98:1-4
8.00am PRAY that this church lives up to our motto. Isaiah 56:7
1.00pm PRAY for strength because we are in a spiritual battle.
7.00pm PRAY with confidence, that God answers prayers.
Saturday 24th March 201808:00Easter prayer points.
Daily scriptures Isaiah 56:6 & Psalms 98: 1-4
8.00am SING, How Great is Our God.
1.00pm SING What the Lord Has Done For Me.
7.00pm sing, A SONG OF YOUR CHOICE.
Sunday 25th March 201810:30PALM SUNDAY
As we enter the Easter period, we comer together as one to praise and thank God for a time like this. Join us in worship, all are welcome.
Monday 26th March 201808:00Easter prayer points.
Scripture reading & prayer points
Matt 20:29-34.
8.00pm PRAY, eyes will be opened of those hearing the Easter story.
1.00pm PRAY, as a Church we tell the story clearly, leaving the rest to the Holy Spirit.
7.00pm PRAY that someones healing during Easter.
Tuesday 27th March 201808:00Easter prayer points.
Scripture reading & Prayer points.
Matt 21:3-4
8.00am PRAY that God to reveal His plan for you.
1.00pm PRAY for your strength of character to carry out God's plan.
7.00pm PRAY during Easter we overcome any oppositions.
Wednesday 28th March 201808:00Easter prayer points.
Scripture reading & Prayer points
Matt 21:7-8
8.00am PRAY God except what we offer Him during Easter.
1,00pm PRAY remember Jesus offered Himself on the cross for us.
7.00pm PRAY that we enjoy, reflect on, this great celebration.
Thursday 29th March 201808:00Easter prayer points.
Matt 21:12-14. John 13:6-8.
8.00am PRAY Jesus keeps us humble during Easter and through our life.
1.00pm PRAY Jesus will be glorified and recognized during Easter.
7.oopm PRAY Jesus to be glory His church, and Finchley Church where He is Lord in Easter and forever
19:30Maundy Thursday Service
A night service of Holy Communion, and following the teachings of Jesus in John :1-17.
Jesus shows us that there is a time for everything, and that means a time for us to be humble, to one another.
All are welcome.
Friday 30th March 201811:00GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE.
What is so good about good friday. It is good because Jesus went to the cross in place of us. A time to reflect, celebrate, and thank God for Jesus.
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